WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings – a new, spirit-filled revival is inspiring Wilton Manors every Wednesday night at The Manor Complex. This wildly creative concept of Rev. Jamie Grace has come to life after more than a decade of preparation. WIG is theatrical and fun, sexy and intelligent, flamboyant and fabulous.

WIG is about enlightening and educating gay folks and their non-gay allies in reaching a higher empowerment, a.k.a. their “Inner Fabulousness”. WIG aims to dramatically lower the incidences of gay teen suicide by infusing a rich sense of spirituality, empowerment and community into their and everyone’s lives; Grace coins it, “Spirituality for the Fabulous.”

WIG celebrates spirituality, the fabulous culture and powerful history of gay folks in a festive and musical service/show. Combining great entertainment and empowering messages with drag divas, a Glee-style lip sync choir and much more, each celebration is energetic and uplifting, leaving everyone intellectually, spiritually and emotionally invigorated!

WIG knows it’s time for folks to re-embrace and be re-introduced to spirituality in a fabulous worship style that encompasses our prideful life. Guaranteed to bring joy to your week, everyone is welcome.

Wig Ministries, The Manor Complex, 2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, 754.444.1944, WigMinistries.org, on Facebook, WIG Ministries.org.