In a recent 26-page report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, it states that Florida is second in the country for the most violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to protect yourself and your loved ones from the more than 316 toxic contaminants found in your home’s drinking water.

Allini Water Filters have revolutionized the water purification process by offering chemical-free and maintenance-free water filtration systems. They have put to use only the finest blend of more than 11 different organic and ceramic media to effectively remove 99 percent of the chlorine and chloramines, along with any sediment or discoloration, chemical contaminants and pesticides.
Their systems are able to purify the water while still retaining the natural, healthy minerals that are so desired. Then, they take it one step further by restructuring the water. With their patented WaterBalance Technology, Allini Water Filters naturally raise the water’s alkalinity, resulting in a most desired -160 ORP and increased antioxidants.
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