Kimberly Knox, astrologer, presents a monthly lecture created with passion to embrace the “I am me” in everyone, encouraging personal empowerment in love and life through deeper self-knowledge. Her energetic lectures focus on the new moon energies, events and important “dates to note,” and how this all plays out in the individual’s natal chart, connecting one to universal energies and helping to capitalize on personal success.

This year’s energies offer a source of peace, compassion and loving flow over last year’s more turbulent nature. It is a year of prosperity, to nurture and grow the new foundations in your life set up last year, embrace a more peaceful loving flow, to live through heart, embrace love and place your personal signature on something.
This year will feature endings and new beginnings—a year to look to the future with enthusiasm, to be open to new information and learning, to “be Love” and connect with your passion. Who are you? What do you want to be known for? What can you put your heart into?
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