by Lisa Smith

Reiki, (pronounced ray-key), is a Japanese term which means “Universal Life Energy” and a natural method of healing which can be used alone or in combination with other systems of healing. Reiki is widely used and accepted within the medical community for the relief of chronic illness and pain management.

Because Reiki is a multidimensional energy healing system, healing can be directed to the cause of the problem at whatever level it may exist, be it mind, body or spirit. A subtle vibrational field is emitted that surrounds and penetrates the body, raising the vibrations of the person, animal or object receiving the Reiki treatment, creating balance and harmony. Because Reiki energy can do no harm, it will not work if harm is intended or negative thoughts prevail.

When receiving a Reiki treatment, most feel a warm radiance that flows through and surrounds the whole person, promoting total relaxation. A Reiki session is different for each person but most feel less stressed, amplified and balanced energy, and the release of emotional blockages. Reiki energy gives the body energy for self-healing.

Everyone is born with the ability to use Reiki energy. If you want to give Reiki treatments, the energy is awakened with attunements given by a Reiki Master (the instructor) to the student which open the body’s energy channels. Because each student takes their own spiritual journey discovering Reiki, there are many varying philosophies and schools of teaching. No one Reiki style is better than another. This is why Reiki blends so well with other energies and health related modalities. Finding the right style and instructor that suits your beliefs and principles is the first step in your journey to discovering Reiki.

The History of Reiki

Reiki, a 2,500 year old healing system originating in the regions of Egypt, India and Tibet, was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, said to be a Japanese instructor at a Christian University in Kyoto, in the early 20th century. Dr Usui’s initial quest was to discover how spiritual leaders such as the Buddha and Christ were able to perform miraculous healings through touch without depleting their own energy. Through a mystical revelation after 21 days of fasting and meditation, Dr. Usui gained the knowledge and spiritual power called Reiki as an attunement which entered through his crown chakra. He taught over 2,000 people the healing system of Reiki during his lifetime. The most noted student was Dr. Churjiro, a retired naval officer, who developed the class structure for Reiki. Dr. Churjiro passed his knowledge to Hawayo Takata, from Hawaii, who is credited for spreading Reiki throughout the world by teaching it in Canada, Europe and the U.S.

 The five principles of Reiki as defined by Dr Usui:

 • Just for today, I will live the attitude of gratitude.

• Just for today, I will not worry.

• Just for today, I will not anger.

• Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

• Just for today, I will show love and respect for every living being.

How does the Attunement process work? We all have Reiki energy or the Universal Life Force Energy—it is our birthright. Anyone can accelerate the healing process by transferring magnetic energy with or without the use of Reiki energy. What makes Reiki different is the attunement process, or the fine tuning of the physical and etheric bodies to a higher vibrational level. Opening the chakras in this manner enables the person to channel (and vibrate) higher amounts of Universal Life Force Energy. The vibratory rate of the body is amplified after the attunement, triggering a 21-day cleansing period, sloughing off negative patterns and blocks.

Reiki is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master through a series of attunements. During each attunement, the Master selects a series of symbols which represent important points located along a person’s energy field, and guides them through higher vibrations of energy. The attunements enable the student to access the healing energy on their own and, in turn, help others to access it too.

Levels of Reiki

First Degree Reiki focuses on physical healing and self-healing. Attunement to the First Degree raises the vibratory rate of the four energy centers of the upper body, known as chakras; opens up the physical body so that it can then accept (channel) greater quantities of the life force energy. Self-treatment is an extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress release. First Degree amplifies the life force energy in our body and helps create balance in the physical and etheric bodies.

Second Degree Reiki focuses on healing at the mental and emotional levels. “Quantum leap” in vibratory level, at least four times greater than First Degree. Greater emphasis on adjusting the etheric body, rather than physical body.

Third eye or sixth chakra is greatly affected, which often heightens the intuitive abilities of the student.

Third Degree Reiki focuses on health and healing on the spiritual Soul level and the teaching of Reiki. Again, leap in vibratory level. As a Master, he openly accepts the effects of causes which he has created.

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