by John Voell

Death in one dimension is birth in another. The process is usually endless, unless one becomes unconditionally loving in a body and breaks the chain.

The soul that hovers over the female form, awaiting the emergence of an infant in order to inhabit it, loses awareness of what it was in the dimension it has left. The soul, by temporarily losing consciousness, could be considered to have died, and yet, it is actually a birth.


A soul inhabits a vehicle, a temple, a body, for the span of years to which it is entitled, and then death occurs. Death of what, the physical body? Yes, it must be experienced by everyone, but consciousness does continue to live and enter other dimensions. The soul can easily shed this house of clay, as it has shed countless other houses of clay in the physical world.

Most people fear death, but this is foolish. They regard death as a gray, skeletal, hooded figure, surrounded by dankness, mold, fog and decay. This is far from true. Death may be regarded more as a rosy cheeked cherub, depending upon the way death is experienced. Death of the physical body is an individual, personal thing. It is different for everyone, but there are some universal aspects that we can touch upon, because life is the result of thousands of experiences, leading up to the point of physical death.

Those who want to help these souls to cross over should pray for their further learning and evolution, rather than weep tears of self-pity and grief, for a soul can pass over within a span of eight days.

Upon physical death, the conscious mind, the small i am, the personality that is a shadow of the soul, is laid aside. The subconscious, the soul mind, then becomes the conscious mind, and the super-subconscious (God) then becomes the subconscious mind.

Death is an individual thing, a personal experience for all. Those who take their own life will be very confused if they seek out the rosy cheeked cherub, because they were cowardly and refused to face and meet the opportunities in their life. Errors that are made in the flesh, rewards that are gained in the flesh, must be met in the flesh, for they can be met in no other way. This dimension called Earth offers more opportunities for evolution of the soul than any other dimension.

What you fill your mind with is what you are, is what you become. It matters little whether you are in the physical body or in other dimensions. Be careful of what you think, first and foremost, because thoughts are real, as real as anything you know. And that which you think is what you are. 

Think thoughts of giving and forgiving. Think thoughts of love, because to live a life that learns not to love is simply a life that is wasted. Do not fear death, because there will always be those who would help, if only you ask. This is experienced in the physical dimension and in other dimensions. This is the promise of God, not to fear the specter of death, because death is birth.

John Voell is the author of several books and publications, including The Ultimate Prescription: How to Create Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health, Cancer: How to Heal It – How to Prevent It and Cancer Report. The Soul Perspective column is inspired by the readings of Ross Peterson, 1929-1999. Contact Voell at [email protected]