South Florida Wellness Network (SFWN) is the only nonprofit peer-run agency in South Florida offering free services to those seeking long-term recovery from mental illness and/or substance use.

Created four years ago as part of a federal grant to serve youth with mental illness, SFWN offers programs for youth, adults and families who are looking for resources, services and programs to better themselves and those they love.

It is run by individuals who have lived with mental health and/or substance use challenges so they are able to offer a level of compassion and empathy rarely seen in traditional resources and clinical services. Evidence shows that individuals obtain better recovery results when they are connected with others with similar experiences.

Collaborating with agencies and organizations in the community, individuals benefit from the myriad holistic resources available, including Street Workout, Yoga, Kayaking, Youth Empowerment and Leadership, Financial Literacy, art classes, dancing mindfulness and support groups, including individual and family, wellness coaching with adult peers supporting individuals and families. Services are gratis. Stop by to fill out the membership form at 2901 W. Cypress Creek Rd., Ste. 105, Fort Lauderdale. For more information, call 954-533-0585.