Students can get free test prep and homework help from a YouTube channel. Here are the steps: Take a photo of the problem. Send the photo to 954-693-6379. Within two hours, the answer will arrive in a link. The answer is shown at Parents are also offered a free eBook about a new type of high school transcript at

“Focus on Skills” is coming: A headmaster of a school in Cleveland has observed that “the focus on grades increases anxiety in students.” His solution: A new “focus on skills” and a website for each student showing the “micro badges” they have earned. “It makes sense to share this information with readers of Natural Awakenings,” states Steve McCrea, founder of Fans of “Readers of this magazine are on the leading edge. Parents in Florida should have access to the latest information coming out of private schools.”

Get a list of skills used by teachers at To learn more about the “focus on skills”, go to For more information about the free test prep help, call McCrea at 954-646-8246.