Vastu School of Yoga, RYS200 – RYS500, offers all yoga classes by donation. That’s right, by donation. Vastu has been offering yoga to the Broward community since 2005. Their mission is to make yoga accessible to all individuals, everywhere.

Karma Yogis Lorrie Conglose and Lal Maharajh, founders and co-directors of Vastu, are both committed to the traditional practices of yoga. Their classes, rooted in the Sivananda tradition, are suitable for everyone. The primary teachings are summarized as 5 points of yoga: Proper Exercise; Proper Breathing; Proper Relaxation; Proper Diet; Positive Thinking and Meditation. Every class introduces students to the physical benefits of the postures, correct breathing and concentration, and methods for quieting the mind.

The Yoga Intensives and Teacher Trainings are held in Plantation, Florida, Isla Mujeres, Mexico and other locations through the year. Keeping with the Sivananda tradition of selfless service, the school volunteers for hospice, nursing homes and hospitals and requires service in the community as part of the curriculum.

Vastu also offers Yoga Workshops and Yoga Retreats. The next Yoga Teacher Training begins June 12 in their new location at 260 Holloway Drive, Plantation. Visit or call 561.723.6172 for information.

The courses are offered by Nova School of Healing Arts and Sciences. To set an appointment or to learn more about the courses, contact Nova School of Healing Arts and Sciences, 772.446.7113, [email protected],, or AWA Healing Center, 754.234.5424, [email protected]