See an inspiring view into the life and work of Susan (SusieQ) Wood. Host Jonathan Lederman interviews Wood on The Anything Bucket, WRPBiTV. The taping is to be aired April 14 at 6:30 PM EDT.

Wood touches on her emergence into the holistic world, her early years in publishing, and the return to her passion for painting. Her love of nature became the focal point for her artwork. Her love of the Earth became the catalyst to creating eco works of art. Walking the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, she collects litter. She turns the trash into treasures of art. On display in the interview is “Toothbrush Flashmob” which recycles 102 toothbrushes. The gist of her work is to bring awareness to living consciously, and each piece of art carries a message.

Wood’s love of people brought her another wave to ride, as she took to the road with her canvases and tools, covering events as an eco-artist. She invites all in attendance to step up to her easel, and using her paint and brushes, add their strokes to the canvas, capturing the energy of the event, the contributor, and the day. Each contributor is noted and lives forever within that artwork.

Wood has been publishing Natural Awakenings Broward since 2000.

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