Carol Ann Liaros will present a seminar on intuition, June 9 to 10, at the A.R.E. Annual Conference, held at the DoubleTree Hotel, in Deerfield Beach. Topics include Why Should I Develop My ESP? and Just What Is It? Liaros states,”There is nothing difficult about developing ESP. The most difficult task I have consistently faced in my workshops is convincing students how easy it is to use.”

Why develop your intuition at all? Some individuals have cited very practical reasons, such as to help solve problems or obtain insights to make better decisions. Others hope to gain objectivity for setting realistic goals or increase their own creativity. With more than 45 years’ experience, Liaros believes that developing ESP broadens self-understanding.

Many individuals see positive results in every area of their lives—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—as soon as they begin working with the additional insights that intuition has to offer. According to Liaros, psychic development offers a larger perspective on life and a new sense of connectedness with family, friends and all of humanity. Location: 100 Fairway Dr., Deerfield Beach. For more information, call 561.306.4788 or email [email protected]