Universal Living Sprouts is home to the tastiest, most nutritious sprouts and beans and sweetest wheatgrass this side of Lake Okeechobee. With benefits too numerous to mention, these mineral and nutrient-rich living foods are an extremely inexpensive way of obtaining a medicinal concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Juicing gluten-free, chlorophyll-rich wheatgrass on a daily basis is like drinking the life energy of the plant. Wheatgrass juice has everything you need to alkalize, cleanse and detoxify the body; it can increase red blood cell count, lower blood pressure, stimulate metabolism, boost your immune system and treat skin conditions. Nutritionally, two ounces of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to three pounds fresh wheatgrass, and contains over 100 vitamins and minerals.

Today, it is very important to know where your food comes from. Universal Living Sprouts’ products are 100 percent USDA Certified Organic and 100 percent local. They offer free delivery (call for details), ship UPS, or you can pick up at their greenhouse.

Universal Living Sprouts is located at 6238 Royal Palm Beach Boulevard, Royal Palm Beach, 561-795-2554, [email protected], ulsprouts.com.

Coming soon: Classes on Juicing and Growing Wheatgrass and Sprouts. Call for details. See ad page 57.