by Regena Ozeryansky

February is all about L-o-v-e, and some things certainly get more attention at this time of year than others, wouldn’t you agree? Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, sisters, friends, lovers, etc. How about that one thing that doesn’t talk back, and doesn’t complain. When maintained and nurtured, it provides comfort and solace. Like a yummy blanket on a cold day, it nestles you in its heart and just asks to be acknowledged.


Yes, it’s your home! Unfortunately, our homes don’t have a specific day on the calendar designated as “National Love Your House Day” to love, nurture and support them. They hold such grace and solace for us; of course it’s our choice to create that space, and when given the opportunity, that sweet brick and mortar structure sees/ hears/ experiences so much. I mean really, if walls could talk, what would they say? Ooh, maybe we’ll leave that for another article.

Good news is, even our homes can and do deserve precious care. Granted, some readers of Natural Awakenings, in fact many, give love, care and homage to their sacred spaces, their gardens, their yards, etc. How about a little special attention to those concrete structures this month? A little soft whisper of love to say thank you for the shelter and safe and quiet (for some not so quiet) space that allows us to feel secure and nurtured at the end of every day, when we enter, take our shoes off, and rest our hat for the day before taking a final rest that night hence to participate again in the next day and do it all over again.

Many of our readers work from home, and what a precious gift this is — to choose to create a peaceful, supportive, loving work space. Whether it’s in the mountains, near the ocean, beside a lake or even in a room with no window at all, shelter is such a gift, and today I invite you to give LOVE, gratitude and care to those special spaces we call home. Whether it’s your home, home of a friend, family, etc., let’s give generous mindful attention to that brick and mortar that supports our freedom, growth and everyday bliss, that space that if we choose, can be our sanctuary — our heaven. It gives us a little needed protection from life’s challenges so that even if just for a few hours, we can recharge and be inspired to give fully, powerfully, back to others we meet in life.

When given the opportunity, our homes speak to us; they whisper back messages of hope, love and grace — to say thank you for making the walls colorful, hanging those photos and giving the attention that garbage disposal needed for so long. So next time, you think, “Ah, this needs fixing too,” just think of it as a child asking for a hug. Yes, we certainly grow out of homes, and as a realtor, I know sometimes the houses grow out of us — and still we can depart gracefully, with love. This month, let’s work on loving our spaces and create magic with those walls — they would if they were you.

Regena Ozeryansky, known by most as “Real Estate Reg”, has been finding homes for families in the South Florida area for almost 10 years. She is passionate about helping create win-win experiences and helping people create wealth through real estate. She can be reached at 954-300-1459 or by visiting Don’t miss her blog at where she shares her Realtor Confessions and life lessons she’s learned from her years of experience. Her goal for 2013 is to help 40 or more families find just the right place in the South Florida area. “When you think Sunny South Florida — Think Real Estate Reg — Your Key to South Florida.”