As a reading teacher, Ron Scarfone got an inside look at the educational system in Florida. Scarfone believes that education in the Sunshine State went from bad to worse after the State of Florida changed to a Common Core based curriculum and also adopted standards which have different expectations of achievement based on race.

As a private tutor, Scarfone sets high standards for his clients by facilitating children and adults to understand a subject and pass standardized tests, including state exams for students in grades K-12, as well as assisting those wanting to attain a General Education Diploma (GED).

In Florida, approximately 20 percent of teenagers do not graduate high school, also true nationwide. This is occurring because students are not passing certain classes and/or standardized tests.

Scarfone has been successful in enabling students to get better grades in a subject by finding out the areas in which they are having difficulty and helping them to have an understanding so that their weaknesses become strengths. He has assisted children and adults to pass standardized tests and achieve their educational goals. Scarfone also offers energy healing.

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