I Am Presence of every human is individualized, private, sacred and indwelling. People often think, according to their upbringing, education and “programming”, am I one of the so-called “chosen”? Everyone is “chosen”; few choose back. The road is definitely straight and narrow and there is little room for straying without paying (karma aka you reap what you sow).

Right now, deepest ecology is taking place within every human biome, removing all inner disharmony and opening the individual vessel to receive higher and more refined vibrations for the restoration of Divine Order on Earth.

The human technology is being upgraded, day by day, and for some, breath by breath. The inner matrix has been cleansed of much unwanted programming, prejudices, biases and all manner of opinions and beliefs, allowing space for higher energies to enter and “inform” the human of ways of adapting rather than breaking in two—unifying within and eventually without.

The human upgrades are hastened by “letting go” (example: Letting Go by David R. Hawkins, MD). Quiet, meditative listening grace along with the ability to “be still” lead to higher consciousness and more and more inner joy for no reason other than “being”.

Source: AA Gabriel/Source