According to the American Journal of Health (2003), Hawthorn berries prove helpful in supporting aging vascular systems, which can lose elasticity and become increasingly rigid due to lack of copper in the diet which authors note, helps build flexible collagen; and can be exacerbated by poor Vitamin C intake which results in scarring on the inside of the blood vessels (Nature Genetics, Feb 2004). A rigid vasculature structure can raise blood pressure, causing the heart has to work harder and all the systems become stressed.


Hawthorn berries work to tone the heart muscle and relax vasculature tissues, according to most sources of herbal information ( This two-phased effect is generally noticeable within the first week of taking Hawthorn berries. (Whole berries are preferred to tinctures or extracts that fracture or leave out essential nutrition components.)  

Hawthorn berries, are available in supplement form under a variety of brand names. It’s a good practice to test a few and find the one that works best, then keep the bottle refrigerated to extend shelf life. For more information, email [email protected] or visit See ad page 10.