Thermae Retreat announces its upcoming Open House, to be held over the weekend, from 4 – 9pm on Saturday, September 12, and 10am to 3pm on Sunday, September 13.

Meet the practitioners, attend Q&A sessions, classes and workshops, including Valentina Kneppers, quantum healer and master herbalist specializing in prevention and natural pain relief using ancient wisdom; Dr. Ron Drucker, chiropractic physician, 35 years in research, formulation and natural healing therapies; Debra Kelly, shamanic practitioner and spiritual life coach specializing in sacred body work; Judith Thompson, naturopathic doctor facilitating Q&A on women’s health, anti-aging, digestive, immune and hormonal health; Gyanpriya, E-RYT500, with classes on yoga tantra and meditation, how to detox the mind; Regina Bellora, healing through movement and more.

Thermae presents this as an opportunity for anyone interested in learning how to prevent disease and sickness naturally. Ask the questions and get the answers for yourself, family and friends. Learn how to teach the body to self-regulate and give it the tools it needs to begin to self-heal. Organic food and refreshing drinks will be served in the courtyard. Relax, heal and transform.

Location: 604 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. For more information, call 954-604-7930 or visit