Do you find yourself with the feeling that there must be something more to life, something beyond what you already know? Each year you continue to seek for it, reading all the bestsellers in self-help, going to many seminars, only to see another year pass away with no real change in your life or in who you are?

Thousands of years ago, people came to the idea that man can acquire higher understanding. Schools rose to meet man’s search for consciousness and answers to life. There are so many obstacles to overcome on the road to consciousness though – negative emotions, lying, identification, considering, imagination and more.

Schools following the tradition of G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky, (often called “The Work,”) focus on the development of consciousness and teach practical methods for struggle with mechanical reactions in order to bring about a change in being and understanding. Wisdom Through Action, is a School that takes one into “The Work”. Here you will learn an organic system of self-development, find ways to meet the challenges of daily life, and overcome inner obstacles through increased understanding, resulting in real change in one’s true self.

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