The National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) is a United States government policy introduced to Congress in 2000 and passed, but kept under wraps ever since. This economic reform act is intended to bring fairness and wealth exponentially. Have you ever wondered why making a living was so hard for the majority whilst the minority “elite” made steady fortunes through their corporations?

NESARA and GESARA (global version) are about to free the entire globe from debt slavery to the banks, but that is just the start. With it also comes the long awaited release of free energy technology that will forever set humankind free from oil, gas, greedy energy companies and pollution.

To believe that the world will simply stand still, as-is, when we see an economically unfair system that is resulting in the banks ruling over countries and writing law, is faulty. People have believed the government printed U.S. dollars but, in actuality, privately owned banks have been printing it and the money belongs to them. They print what they like, when they like and then loan it out for interest.

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