by Doris Jucht

The path to overcoming compulsive eating habits is not too different than the path to overcoming any other compulsive behavior. Basically, it comes down to digging deep enough to discover what the burden we’re carrying represents in our life so that we may work, first and foremost, in offloading it from our soul, and subsequently from our body.

As any other compulsion or obsession, overeating leads to an ill mental state that deviates us from our true concerns and our true purpose, forcing us to pay attention to more superficial aspects of our lives—like body image.

Our first step to recovery should consist of asking ourselves what the food in question represents for us. Is it a lover? A companion? A hallucinogen? An antidepressant?

Most of us have one or multiple subliminal aims we wish certain foods to fulfill so that they become our go-to when that specific need is not being fulfilled or is simply missing from our life. That ‘stand-in’ purpose is what needs to be discovered. What are we truly looking forward to getting when we turn to an unhealthy food or to unhealthy food volumes?

Figuring this out is no easy task, yet it’s attainable when we face the issue with full honesty. In turn, that state of frankness with ourselves leads us to our second stage in our liberating process, which consists of taking care of the real issue or issues so that we can finally take food out of the spotlight.

Getting rid of a compulsive behavior, such as overeating, is not an easy job, yet, with proper guidance and support, a person can set himself or herself in the right mindset and on the path of self-discovery to uncover the hidden truth behind their addictive habit. With focused work, this journey of self-discovery can also [in time] lead to major and permanent changes, not only in terms of achieving a healthy weight, but also in terms of living a fulfilled and joyful life that brings out the best in us, for the reward of facing our concerns with unflinching honesty can be bountiful indeed!

Doris Jucht is a life coach and can be reached at 305-332-5832.