Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

by Steve Nichols, EFT Practitioner

You’re driving down a three lane road that has traffic lights every mile or so. You are in the middle lane and moving at a rapid pace. You are driving responsibly with your mind on the road. Suddenly, a vehicle in the far right lane abruptly cuts in front of you — no turn signal! No warning! You hit the brakes and the offending driver moves past you into the far left lane and carelessly speeds off. Of course, that moron just broke the law, but he doesn’t care about you because his needs come first and he’s going to do what he wants, no matter what. Unfortunately, what you are left with is an uneasy pit in your stomach and a sudden burst of anger that’s tantamount to wanting to strangle that inconsiderate risk taker; after all, it feels like he just put your life in danger. You’re very upset and your peace of mind has just been violated by a self-centered dangerous idiot behind the wheel of a speeding 2000 pound vehicle. In short, you went from a calm peace to a basket case in seconds.


The good part is that if you knew EFT and a stoplight was coming into view, within a minute you’d be back to normal and this incident that just jangled your nerves and made you angry would no longer have a negative charge around it.

An upcoming traffic light turns red and you come to a full stop. Look at the Tapping Chart to follow along on what to do if you knew EFT. And, it makes perfect sense to learn this simple process now. To start, rate your anger/discomfort on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst anger/discomfort. Let’s say it’s a 7 for this example. We will come back to this shortly.

 1. Look at the Tapping Chart. With your dominant hand, tap the Karate Chop Point (KC), the fleshy part of your non-dominant hand, and say this Set-Up Statement 3 times with meaning and intent as you continue tapping, Even though that dangerous, irresponsible driver cut me off and almost caused an accident, I love and accept myself.

2. Now, with one or two fingers (using any hand) Tap near the Inside Edge of Eyebrow (EB-1) on the Chart using this Abbreviated Statement That Dangerous irresponsible driver. Tap 5 to 7 times while repeating this statement a few more times.

3. Now, move to the outside edge of your Side of Eye (SE-2) on the Chart. Repeat the abbreviated statement, That dangerous irresponsible driver. Tap 5 to 7 times while repeating this statement a few more times.

4. Now move to Under Eye (UE-3) on the Chart, again Tap 5 to 7 times, still using the Abbreviated Statement, That dangerous irresponsible driver, a few more times while tapping this point.

Now move thru all of the Tapping points on the Chart doing the same as above for each point: UN-4, CH-5, CB-6, UA-7 and CR-8. The entire sequence takes less than a minute. Note: Tapping all of the Points 1 thru 8 is considered a Full Round, and in that time your upset-ness and anger about That dangerous irresponsible driver will begin to vanish. That Anger/Discomfort 7 rating we gave it will begin to drop, and within a few full rounds of tapping will move down to a one or a zero and you’ll be back to normal as if this incident never happened. All of your calm peace returns while standing and tapping at a stoplight; when the light turns green, you are good to go! 

To explain what just happened to your energy when that careless driver pulled off that stunt, your senses were SHOCKED out of a peaceful state into a highly alert, disruptive state creating an overall negative response. This agitated state could last for several hours and you could arrive at your destination still angry and upset. Because your energy was knocked out of alignment, it kind of went into chaos. What EFT does better than any other therapy I know is realign your energy by tapping the Acupuncture Meridian Points back into alignment replacing the negative incident/statement (Even though that dangerous irresponsible driver cut me off and almost caused an accident) with a positive (I Love and accept myself). The universe abhors a vacuum so what EFT did was tap out the negative incident and replace it with a positive one. How simple is that! But just because it’s simple does not mean it is less effective. To quote Gary Craig, founder of EFT, “No technique or procedure works for everyone, but by all accounts, approximately 80 percent of those that try EFT for a specific problem experience significant results. That’s a stunning statistic.”

Consider this: whether your Energy was disrupted five minutes ago by a stupid driver or whether you were traumatized at ten years old, it doesn’t matter, it can be realigned to before the disruption occurred. Karol Truman wrote Feelings Buried Alive Never Die which sums this up. EFT can be used effectively on just about anything that is bothering you, including issues with anger, anxiety, abusive experiences, fears, phobias, guilt, failures, betrayals, prolonged grieving, PTSDs and much more. And let’s not forget how much physical pain relates to emotional issues. I get a consistent question from people, something like this: “What if I don’t believe in EFT?” Or, “Do I have to believe in EFT for it to work?” My answer is always “No, it does not matter if you believe in EFT or not, it is still effective because we are working with ENERGY, not a belief system.” Energy/issues that are misaligned get realigned, and 80 percent of the time the issue is resolved.

I didn’t just make this “Stoplight” story up. It happened to me several years ago at the beginning of my EFT practice, and I never forgot how amazingly simple and effective it was. This is just one of the reasons you should know about EFT. Once this simple tool is learned, you can apply it to almost any problem you may encounter — emotional or physical.

So, the next time some clown in a car cuts you off, apply “The Greatest Stoplight Therapy on Earth, EVER!” and see what happens; and when EFT proves its worth, you will know what I know, that EFT is at the cutting edge of therapies destined to be around long after I’m gone.

Steve Nichols, BreakFreeWithEFT.com. See ad page 55.