How EMF Impacts Your Health and What You Can Do about It

by Gary James Greenleaf, Certified Geo-Biological Consultant

What is EMF?

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) is the combination of invisible frequencies in our environment, including low frequency from electrical and magnetic fields from appliances, electrical wires, computers and TVs and high frequency from smart phones, cell towers, wireless phones and Wi-Fi. Never before in recorded history have we been exposed to a more intense EMF grid than today and it increases in size and intensity daily. If all EMF radiation were visible today, in most cities you probably could not see your hand in front of your face.

Biological Effects of EMF

Scientific research regarding the negative biological impact of EMF has been going on for decades, however, most of the results are not widely known by the public. The World Health Organization now classifies cell phone radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen, and a recent $25 million dollar study by the U.S. government confirmed that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic.

Scientific studies by Dr. Varga at the University of Heidelberg have proved that pulsating and non-pulsating radiation have an effect on the pituitary gland in the brain and therefore can negatively affect the central nervous system. John Aitken, a well-known fertility researcher at the University of Newcastle in Australia, conducted a study on sperm and what happens when exposed to EMF. The sperm exposed to EMF died three times faster and had three times the mitochondrial DNA damage than the non-exposed group. Greater negative effects on sperm were measured with just small amounts of EMF exposure.

According to statistics published by the American Brain Tumor Association, there are 700,000 Americans now living with a primary brain and central nervous system tumor; this year, 17,000 of these people will lose the battle with this condition.

What Can You Do about It?

Step one is minimization.

One of the first things anyone can do is to take a step back in time. Replacing Wi-Fi with a corded LAN line is very helpful; you will have to get your neighbors to do the same. If you won’t wire your internet, at least turn the Wi-Fi off at night. Trade cordless house phones for old fashioned corded models; cordless phones are just as dangerous as cell phones.

Keep your cell phone off your body and use the speakerphone to talk; having direct skin contact with smartphones is one of the worst things you can do. If you need to put it in your pocket, at least turn it off or use airplane mode. When you go to bed, turn off your cell phone or use airplane mode.

Laptops emit a significant amount of radiation and should never be used on your lap; at 50 centimeters from your body the Wi-Fi signal from your laptop is stronger than a cell phone tower 100 meters away. You can use a corded mouse and keyboard and wire your internet while at home.

Your sleeping area is very important due to the nature of the human body needing to rest, repair and rejuvenate at night. It is optimal to have an organic latex bed with a wood frame and no metal box springs. No electric beds—they often have an EMF field even when not in use. Remove electronic devices like digital clocks from the sides of your bed. A general rule is to keep all metals out of the bedroom.

Minimize your blue light exposure. It is important to eliminate the eyes’ exposure to blue light especially after dark to insure proper circadian signaling. When you look at your screens after dark, your body has biological problems creating melatonin. For laptops and PCs, download f.lux from for free. iPhones have a nightshift feature built in to display properties; turn it on. Android users can download twilight from Google Play. There are also screens to put on other phone types to block blue light exposure.

Step two is neutralization. We cannot escape the EMF fields completely in today’s environment, thus why we must also neutralize. As a certified Geo-Biological Consultant with the Geo-Safe Institute in Germany, I work with the Geo-Safe-E System—custom neutralization that transmutes harmful radiation into something that does not negatively impact the body. The neutralization is done to the living and working space and also incorporates support for your body while traveling and doing daily tasks.

The Geo-Safe-E System is based on 30 years of research and experience in electromagnetic and earth radiation study by Dieter Schaefer, and is proven to neutralize harmful EMF radiation. Geo-Safe products contain over 20 crystal and mineral substances with varying physical angles of refraction for radiation neutralization. Thousands of doctors and therapists in over 70 countries use the Geo-Safe System successfully.

Magnetic fields and radio waves can’t be magically eliminated; they are still technically measurable in the air after neutralization. However, after neutralization they are no longer medically or technically measurable in the body, whether by means of bio-resonance, electro-acupuncture, blood tests or kinesiology.

Gary Greenleaf has been helping clients with EMF neutralization in their homes and offices for nearly a decade. He holds an MBA from Lehigh University and BS from Towson State University. For more information, call 520-591-8282 and/or visit and