by Ilka Handshaw

“Changing mass consciousness is an individual responsibility.”  ~ Dennis Weaver

This is being written in the last half of April 2020, where we, as humanity, have been in the era of coronavirus. We are mandated to be isolated and stay home; we may reflect and/or worry about what and why this is happening—enormous vibrations of fear, anxiety and uncertainty have been felt all over our world for the last few months. But many of us who have been learning from spiritual masters know that this is a time of a great awakening and rebirth. This suffering is a catalyst, and at the end of this, we, collectively, will emerge as more loving, stronger, grateful and compassionate people

We, as spiritual teachers, light workers and healers, are now called to assist humanity with its awakening. A time comes in the life of every soul when the individual suddenly begins to have what they describe as the “thought of awakening”. “I should learn more about the truth of life. I think I’m here for something, to search for something. I must find out. I need a teacher. I need wisdom. I must wake up.” (From Soul Shifts by Barbara De Angelis, one of the author’s favorite teachers.)

A Spiritual and Vibrational Way of Making Sense of Coronavirus (besides just the biological):

1. It’s a disease. Disease comes into the body and soul to get our attention, saying, “Stop! Slow down! Take a break.” Disease forces us to re-evaluate, awaken to what’s really going on and to feel our feelings in order to release those unwanted and heal (some people might need guidance to understand this and allow the healing).

2. We were all forced to stop, pause and slow down (since we didn’t do it voluntarily). We use this to awaken: ask for help and surrender; we are going through a shift on our planet, moving away from the energy of “doing” (doing something to “get” something–assertion and aggression–all masculine energy) to the way of “being” (a more calm and centered state, the softer, gentler, intuitive way of divine feminine energy).

3. Everything is E(energy); this virus has it, too. According to numerologists, the 4 in the 2020 is here to calm us down and focus on what matters. The two zeros in the year represent universal manifestation… divine presence (double dose in 2020).

4. We individually have lessons we came here to learn. Collectively, our lessons are to learn love, gratitude, kindness and compassion, and how to WORK TOGETHER, One World, to be capable of mastering global situations like this one. This could be a practice/test: can we do it?

5. We have free will to choose what and how to feel in every moment, to choose faith over fear. We were never socially isolated on a global level before so what’s happening is new and unknown and there is an enormous vibration of fear and anxiety and confusion, but remember that things are better than how they are broadcast. If you want to learn how to be calmer, it takes a bit of practice and learning some skills (free tele-class details in endnotes). We should all spread more love, kindness and gratitude for ALL that we have, including life itself; do your OWN awakening and healing so we all benefit COLLECTIVELY!

Help anyone you can; pray and visualize life back to wellness. Most of us know the power of visualization when many do it at the same time. In The Bible, mentioned 350-plus times: “Do not be afraid.” This too shall pass. Let’s do our BEST to help this process.

Look at the POSITIVES: Families spending time together; parents being able to play and do homework with their kids. When there are challenges, creativity appears; we get to learn and develop new things, skills. We discover how we, as humanity, depend on each other, learning that we have our individual responsibility to act in the BEST way when something like this happens in the world. We get to have MORE time to spend on reflection, awakening to our life’s purpose on Mother Earth and beyond.

May all those not well or who have lost loved ones at this time accept the love and comfort being radiated generously and regularly; may all first responders, doctors, nurses, police and everyone supportive in healing, organizing, etc. abide in the safe protection of their faith, knowing all things work together for good, if you see it that way.

Ilka Handshaw is a spiritual counselor, author, speaker and teacher. She offers a free, open-to-all tele-class, the last Thursday every month, through Zoom and FB. She can be reached at 954-222-6971.