by Kelly Doyle

re·lax | r laks/ verb: make or become less tense or anxious.

In a world that is scheduled, competitive and impatient, for some a sense of guilt partners with a sense of relaxation, giving pause to the very thought. “Performance is actually improved when we include time for renewal… that would have saved me unnecessary stress, burnout and exhaustion.” ~Arianna Huffington.

To relax is to ‘renew’. A meeting or running late can change our mental and physical state in a second. Our flow has just shifted, which means every decision, movement and thought this moment forward will be different than the one we would have made just before that moment of change. We may start our day one way and within an hour be in a totally different state of mind. If we are unable to bring ourselves back to a present moment of clarity through moments of relaxation, then our minds are not as sharp, our ideas are not as vibrant and our communication both verbally and physically may not be saying what we want it to say.

Does taking a moment really make a difference? You bet! The value of finding your personal clarity through moments of relaxation can make a tremendous change in your life. But first you need to learn how to relax, and I am not talking about sitting in your car checking emails. Relaxing is an art that takes practice. It means to be still, not think and to be present. Start with taking a moment alone for ten minutes, outside would be best. Sit, lap empty, hands on your legs and just listen. Hear the birds or the cars passing. Look at your surroundings. The key is to not think about what everything is or what it is doing. This takes you out of presence away to the object or event. If your mind begins to label things, ‘there’s an oak tree’, ‘a woman with a bag…I wonder what is in such a large bag’…pull yourself back. Stop thinking, listen to your breath, relax your shoulders and simply just be present. Become a part of what is around you without participating. You will feel a great satisfaction in achieving such a significant shift in your life— with no effort—simply by just being still.

“The change in my state of mind, the clarity I had with me the day I closed a large deal at work was due to finding presence and learning the art of relaxing, clearing my head daily, spending time at the retreat.” ~ Bob S.

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