Crystals of different kinds naturally emit such powerful energies that have been used throughout history, as well as today, as talismans, healing tools or simply as decorative beauty.
As spiritual awakening and interest in spiritual and energetic healing increased, practitioners developed high levels of specialization in the use of crystal energy to achieve impressive results in health, protection, financial prosperity, to accelerate spiritual and psychic abilities and to increase personal vibration.
The internationally recognized “One of the World Top 4 Healers” and “Lord of the Crystals”, paranormal Brazilian metaphysician Cristovão Brilho will once again be holding the extraordinary annual event that allows anyone to receive the blessings and feel contact with the powerful Light, strength and healing energy of Ascended Master Turyan.
This is a special and unique opportunity to receive the blessings of this great Light Being who comes to help people transform themselves. Individually, each person will have contact with the High Energy of Master Turyan, who will transmit in each session his strength, knowledge and energetic capacity that reaches different vibrational levels. Each person will receive at the end of each contact a crystal energized by him.
This extraordinary event has been so widely accepted that it has been repeated year after year since 2011 in Miami and this year, for the first time in West Palm Beach on October 13 at the Holiday Inn Airport.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Invite your friends. We are waiting for you.
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