Upcoming training classes in Ayurveda Level 1 begin September 25 and run through May 15, 2016, at The Ayurvedic College for Wellbeing. Drs. Bryan and Light Miller, teachers with 36 years’ experience in the field, invite interested students to visit during the current classes to get a taste of what they can expect from this unique program which delves into the ancient healing tradition of India.

Students will explore the rich well of natural healing found in Ayurveda by learning about body types, diets for each type, healing herbs and essential oil blends. They will learn how to prepare nourishing Ayurvedic recipes with the use of healing spices and foods. Students will also gain a foundational understanding in anatomy as well as how to properly cleanse the body and mind for each season.
The Ayurvedic College for Wellbeing is a religious college, approved in the state of Florida, and welcomes people of all faiths to benefit from its commitment to helping friends, family and the community with consultations and lifestyle recommendations based on Ayurvedic principles and wisdom.
Location: 2119 A Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. For more information, call 954-923-4444 or visit AyurvedicHealers.com.