by Dr. Richard Rimler

During our journey through life, it is inevitable that something is going to “hurt” from either overuse or an injury. Most people don’t think twice about popping Advil, Aleve or a prescription anti-inflammatory. But did you know that they all have some serious side effects such as potentially causing a stomach ulcer, raising blood pressure and causing kidney damage after long-term use? They even increase your chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

The “holistic” model of care will treat the same ache or pain without the side effects. For instance, celery seed extract not only targets the same anti-inflammatory pathways as Advil or Aleve, but also targets an additional pathway that they do not.

Curcumin/turmeric—the spice used in curry—is also a terrific natural anti-inflammatory. It even has extra benefits being preventive against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. You should take these under a doctor’s supervision though, since having a history of a stomach ulcer would eliminate either supplement as a treatment option.

A few other natural anti-inflammatories are flaxseed oil, garlic extract, bromelain (pineapple extract), white willow bark and Boswellia. These also need to be taken under a doctor’s supervision due to interactions with blood-thinning medications.

In closing, inflammation is the cause of all pain and disease. We are constantly being bombarded with external sources of inflammation via the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Our feet and lower extremities also absorb much impact during daily living activities and exercise which leads to inflammation too. Stress leads to an internal cause of inflammation. It makes more sense to fight this constant siege with natural anti-inflammatories—they have been around a lot longer than synthetic medications and also have a much better safety profile.

Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM is one of the few “holistic” podiatrists in the country. He is the founder of and has two offices conveniently located at 4401 Sheridan St., Hollywood, 954-989-6524 and 1931 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale, 954-456-8100.