Rob Stewart, the late director of Sharkwater Extinction, who lost his life in the Florida Keys while completing the film, devoted his life to saving sharks. Without them, our oceans, which provide 70 percent of the air we breathe, will be destroyed.

Sharkwater Extinction is a thrilling journey that follows Stewart and his team as they dive deep into the massive illegal shark fin industry and the conspiracy that is leading to the extinction of sharks. Screening takes place at 8 p.m., November 17, at Bailey Hall at Broward College.

Emmy-award winning underwater cinematographer, Andy Casagrande, who worked with Stewart, states that the film’s goal is to better inform people in the hope it leads to more regulations. “Every time you buy something, you’re voting to support a certain lifestyle, and when people start removing things from an ecosystem, it cascades and hurts us.” He added that shark is hidden in items consumers wouldn’t suspect like makeup, supplements, even some mislabeled fish at restaurants.

Stewart’s parents will present the Rob Stewart Environmental Award to another film at FLiFF, Poisoning Paradise, produced and directed by Keely Shaye Brosnan and Teresa Tico with executive producer Pierce Brosnan.

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