The briefs we print in our local magazine will also be placed in the online version of our print magazine, and placed on our home page as a post the first week of the publishing month.
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A few BRIEF reminders:
  • News briefs are designed to “announce,” rather than promote or sell.
  • Briefs (either for NEWS, HEALTH OR BOOK “IN-VIEWS, DVD OR CD RELEASES”  typically run in the range of 150-200 words. It’s best to send us a few more words, rather than less, so our editors will have more content to work with.
  • All submissions will be edited for length, content & clarity, as well as to fit the style of our magazine. Please note that Natural Awakenings reserves the right to edit, accept or reject any submission for any reason, including content or theme. Submission does not guarantee placement.
  • Feel free to submit a photo for inclusion, space permitting.  Submit high-res. files, not more than two (2) megs.
  • Those that do not have either a Display or Community Resource Guide (CRG) ad placed along with their brief are subject to a $229 publishing fee.

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*Advertising Status -- referring to display ad (1/12th page to full page) or Community Resource Guide (CRG) ad.
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Due to limited space, we may restrict free briefs for our clients to no more than one every three months.

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