From a very young age, Debora Ramos recognized she was on a spiritual journey. In 1997, while practicing as an attorney in Venezuela, she began incorporating esoteric values into her work. Emigrating to the U.S. in 2002, she began working her spiritual path full-time.

An angel therapy practitioner, crystal healer and Reiki master, as well as a certified spiritual response therapy teacher, Ramos works close-up with clients, assisting in the process of clearing pesky blocks in multidimensional areas, including past lives. Private sessions are customized to suit each energy with the intent of clearing the individual vessel to be able to receive higher influxes of light a.k.a. pure, positive energy congruent with healthy abundance, relationships and inner peace. Private readings include Angel, Angel Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy, Crystal Healing, and more.

An approved massage therapy continuing education instructor, Ramos offers workshops in Reiki; for those wanting to teach, she offers workshops in angel readings and therapies; research of/and past life clearings; and group meditation.

Private sessions and classes are available in English and Spanish, by appointment, in person or remote (phone, Skype or email). For more information, call 305-401-0607, email [email protected] or visit