Florida! The Sunshine State! Solar systems should be on every rooftop. Our citizens should be able to save more carbons from going into the atmosphere than anywhere else in the world. Yet, Germany, not Florida, leads the world in rooftop solar! Florida should be #1 in solar.

Didn’t we just vote to encourage solar in Florida by voting Yes on #4 on August 30?

Why is there another solar vote in November?

Consumers are right to be confused.

Vote NO on #1 in November.

#1 will put solar exclusively in the hands of the power monopolies and off your rooftop.

You see, the August vote was sponsored by citizens who want to save the planet and generate their own power.

The November vote is sponsored by the utility companies.

The utilities do not want your kids telling the class about grandma’s new solar array at “show and tell” in school. And, how much money grandma saves by owning her electricity and how grandma is saving the planet for the class.

The rooftop solar movement has barely started in Florida. Amendment #1 in November will terminate the progress which has been made and eliminate any future success.

By installing solar panels on your roof, you can drastically reduce or eliminate your electric bills, while increasing your home’s value.

You can do this without paying out of pocket by financing your solar panel system and making the monthly payments with your electric bill savings.

Once you have paid off your solar financing, you will be generating free, renewable energy and achieving a substantial return on your investment, all while avoiding the 4%-6% yearly electric rate increases.

You are going to have a monthly electric bill. Wouldn’t it be better to spend the same amount of money but have a date when the spending stops. That will be the day your system is paid off. And, the whole time it is financed, you will have no increase in your monthly bills as your new solar system manufactures the power you used to buy.

Submitted by Bison Roofing and Solar.