According to The Youth Environmental Alliance (YEA) team, “Our dunes did it!” Did what? Saved a large portion of the $56 million dollars’ worth of sand that was the Broward County, Segment II (Pompano, Lauderdale By-The-Sea, Fort Lauderdale) beach renourishment project completed last year.

The areas where well-developed, properly constructed dunes existed were spared from major sand inundation, sand-blasted buildings, buried pools and impassable streets. The dunes acted as sand “banks”, capturing wind-blown sand and redistributing it onto the beach with the help of waves.
Reports came into YEA from along the coast of how the dunes did their job. Scott Cravens made a run down to Lauderdale By-The-Sea in Irma’s wake, and what he found astounded him. “Usually after a storm, the street is flooded. This time, the newly planted dunes stopped it!” Another observer, Steve D’Oliveira reported, “Sea oats trapped tons of sand.”
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