by Yvonne Haase, LMHC

It’s that time of year again…where we make promises of igniting our relationships, losing weight, quitting smoking, getting out of debt, taking our business/career to the next level or finding our life’s purpose. The reality is that while 45 percent of Americans make resolutions, 25 percent don’t make it past one week, and only 8 percent are successful in achieving them. Being that February is considered to be the month for love, it is the perfect time to recommit to loving yourself enough to reach your dreams.


How can you be a part of the 8 percent who succeed, even if you have failed in the past? First, build a support team that not only cheers you on, but also challenges you to push through your obstacles. That team should include friends, family and a professional such as a psychotherapist or therapeutic life coach.

What is therapeutic life coaching? Therapeutic life coaching is the integration of effective therapeutic techniques with solution-focused and practical coaching strategies. Therapeutic life coaches are credentialed and licensed with a masters or doctorate degree in mental health counseling.

Here’s how a therapeutic life coach will help you go to the next level.

Shift your language:  A trained therapeutic life coach can help you reframe your goals in a way that makes them more appealing to you. Most people make resolutions worded in the negative, for example, wanting to “lose weight” or “quit smoking”. Therapeutic life coaches are trained in teaching clients to shift their language in a way that works in conjunction with the subconscious and allows clients to propel themselves forward.

Get clear on your vision:  Clients often think they have a visual of what they are seeking, but when pushed for details, their vision becomes blurred.  Therapeutic life coaches are trained to ask questions that push clients to visualize in grand detail.

Clear your energy and tap into your power:  Clients’ biggest obstacles are typically themselves. Therapeutic life coaches can be your biggest cheerleader, but they can also be your greatest source of candid feedback. They can press you to search for what is underneath your behaviors and provide the tools for you to make positive changes.

If you are *really on a path of change this year, a therapeutic life coach may be your key to unlocking your potential in your love life, health and/or business.

Yvonne Haase, LMHC is a therapeutic life coach, psychotherapist, relationship expert, certified DISC facilitator, parenting coordinator, member of the Florida Adoption Council and The American Psychological Association. She specializes in couples and families in transition, and provides Infertility Evaluations, Adoption Home Studies and Couples Retreats. She is the Clinical Director of International Holistic Center (IHC) and the Event Coordinator for Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick (IHC’s sister company). For information or to schedule an appointment with Haase, call 954-903-9426 or visit See ad page 39.