by Kathleen Haden

Do you feel like the last several months have been a dream? A reset button was pushed and this is what happened.

We got much needed time off, we were able to catch up on sleep, and our world began to change in so many ways.

Mother Earth had enough and is allowing our planet to get healthy and clean, reminding us we are guests on this planet and we need to treat our earth accordingly.

We have been waiting for this Shift for many years; Lightworkers have been bringing in more and more light over the past several years, raising our consciousness to new levels. Our vibrations are being attuned to higher universal frequencies to re-member who we are.

We are pure love, so let us practice unconditional love, live in the present moment, respect others, have compassion for all. The time is here!

Never in history has our world shut down. During this time, we have been given a do-over, a new start, an opportunity to slow down and just breathe. This is an incredible gift of living in the present moment. How are you living and using this gift?

You have lots of choices and the free will to change your thoughts, actions and outcomes. What we are seeing is people working from home, with meetings, classes, workshops, webinars, business, lectures and more on Zoom or similar platforms. We are learning to communicate differently. Our children are learning online, able to be home more with their families. There are more opportunities to learn new and different things. The children are using their imaginations, exploring our world, playing and laughing more. This is truly a gift!

If you are reading this and thinking this is not how your life has been, then continue reading for the other side is where you may have resided the last few months. Fear and worry have touched so many people, especially those affected or who have a loved one affected. Although it has taught us more compassion, how to help others, listen with an open heart and give support in many ways, does this fear and worry need to continue at the escalated levels it has been? If fear, anxiety, worry have kept you locked down, then the media has been allowed to harness your full attention regarding the virus. Instead, why not turn off the media, enjoy your environment, learn new things and take advantage of this awakening.

Neuroscientist, researcher, author and lecturer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, through his training in the power of neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics, believes our thoughts can influence our brain, body and mind. What if you could rewire your brain to not only create a state of total health…but to use your consciousness to command your physical reality? What if you could strengthen your immune system by changing your thoughts and feelings? This would help you to be more present, to make better decisions, to think beyond the limitations or conditions in your present environment. Dr. Joe shows how in his series “Rewired” on Gaia and YouTube. Additionally, there are many other resources available online on planetary awakening.

Accept this gift you have been given by the universe. Shine your Light to all you meet. Live in unconditional love. Then start today filling your life with positive messages, eliminating negativity, releasing fear and worry. Choose a new path; love yourself; live in this present moment, for your highest good and those around you. If you need help, reach out to one of the many healers, energy workers or experts in this field to help clear your thoughts, rewire your brain and be able to accept this gift.

Disclaimer by author: This article was written from the heart as an alternative way to see things. I recognize the devastation this situation has caused and send love, compassion, and understanding to everyone going through this world event.

Visionary, Energy and Sound Healer, Kathleen Haden is CEO of Good Vibrations Music Co. She can be reached at 561-318-1578 and