In their only annual visit to Fort Lauderdale, Allison Hayes and Jill M. Jackson, two international award-winning professional psychics, mediums and teachers, will present a special gallery demonstration combining evidential mediumship and psychic messages, beginning at 7 p.m., April 15, at the Graham Fasana Chapel.

Hayes and Jackson, both recognized twice as Best American Psychics’ Psychic of the Year, are currently working with Creative Laughter Productions in developing a metaphysical television show.

Organizers say that attendees to the gallery event will have a chance to receive psychic guidance or evidential messages from loved ones and does not guarantee a message, yet previous audience members have talked about how entertaining and healing the experience was for them.

Location: 1480 SW 9th Ave. For tickets, call 828-414-4765, email [email protected] or visit For more information, visit