by Keli Raymond-Pescatore, CHt

The New Year offers us all a chance to start over and begin anew. It’s an opportunity for rebirth. Establishing New Year resolutions affords us a chance to reflect upon our lives and assess our personal, spiritual and professional accomplishments. It’s a time to gain clarity on the things we want to change in our lives and strive toward.


Year after year, we line our lists with resolutions such as lose weight, stop smoking, stop procrastinating, increase income, read more, or even learn a second language. We initially set out with the greatest intention to meet these goals only to find ourselves later losing that resolve. Eventually, most give up out of frustration or perceived lack of willpower. Sound familiar? Have you ever wondered why it is like this year after year?

Let 2013 be the year in which you change all that and break the pattern. Through hypnotherapy you can make 2013 be the year that you reinvent yourself. It can enable you to finally be all that you know you can be. Hypnosis is a natural process that works to help overcome emotional blocks and sabotaging behaviors that stand in the way of us achieving our goals. More and more, hypnotherapy has become an accepted adjunct to conventional medicine for treatment of mental and physical issues that prevent us from living our best life. It is becoming more mainstream because it is effective and has long lasting results. Whereas psychotherapy and behavioral therapy can take years, hypnotherapy statistically takes an average six sessions to clear any given issue.

Transformation occurs quickly because most issues we commonly struggle with are emotionally driven. Hypnotherapy works within the subconscious mind which seats all of our emotions. Hypnotherapy is effective because it actually works where the problem resides…in the subconscious or emotional mind. Our conscious mind is often unaware of the root cause driving these sabotaging, self defeating behaviors. How many times have you said or heard someone else say, “I don’t know why I do ______ or _______.” That statement is a sure indication that the cause of the behavior is seated firmly in the subconscious mind…outside of conscious awareness.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of forgiveness for all those times you wrote out those New Year resolutions only to find yourself abandoning them a month or two into the new year. The truth is you cannot have willpower over something that you don’t know exists! You can only have willpower over that which you are consciously aware. Essentially, you have been fighting an unfair battle. Hypnotherapy can unlock the mystery and unmask the root cause. It transforms the emotions that drive the unproductive actions and then the self defeating or sabotaging symptoms and behaviors simply go away!

Let 2013 be the year you reinvent yourself. Whatever affects the mind, hypnosis can help. A well trained Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist will be able to facilitate you in meeting your individual goals. Over 90 percent of people can successfully be placed into hypnosis. It is a legitimate occupation and you can expect to be received and handled in a respectful, professional manner. Throughout the process you will be extremely relaxed, aware and in control at all times. You will remember everything that happens and the hypnotherapist does not have control over your mind. You will never disclose anything that you do not wish, and can never be made to do anything against your moral code. Those are all common misconceptions regarding hypnosis. So, give yourself the gift of YOU, being all you know you can be for 2013. Call a qualified, well trained hypnotherapist today and start living your best life!


Keli Raymond-Pescatore, CHt is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive at Pathway Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counseling, 9381 West Sample Road, Suite #201, Coral Springs, Toll free 855-KPS-PATH (577-7284), 754-484-4492, See ad page 11.