by Victoria Danelczyk

At some point in time, the use of alternative therapies has grown remarkably all over the world. But above all, it is striking how it has done so in the West since in many other places these practices of natural medicine have always been used, forming part of even their national health system where they are applied in combination with allopathic medicine (traditional, orthodox or current medicine).

This fact is very significant and shows the need that many have to cover with another type of aid those areas that conventional medicine doctors do not reach. Getting the combination of both techniques leads to better recovery. Despite the differences between the two medicines, their goal of restoring health is common. Therefore, we can also consider them as complementary.
Reiki can improve the quality of life for cancer patients by reducing their levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue. It is used as a complementary treatment to reduce the pain caused by cancer and the side effects of the treatments. Reiki for cancer does not treat symptoms directly, rather, it generates the balance of the whole system—body, mind and spirit—channeling the vital energy that surrounds us to activate our body’s healing abilities. Reiki itself is intelligent, acting where it is most needed.
For the treatment of cancer, basically three types of procedures are performed: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Because of these procedures, there is significant weakness in the patient’s immune system and a fundamental cure is difficult.
The treatment of reiki is of great help as a complementary therapy, working in conjunction with the different medical specialists. Reiki brings the client to a state of relaxation, reduces anxiety, stress and depression and increases energy to the immune system, reducing or eliminating the adverse effects and toxins produced by chemotherapy and radiation therapy, potentiating at the same time the beneficial effects of these therapies and conventional treatments.
Reiki is known to calm emotions, help deal with fatigue and strengthen the client overall so that they can “keep going” during the difficult time. Whatever the stage of the illness, whether just diagnosed or well advanced, reiki will always do well, assisting the client in achieving an improvement in their quality of life.

Victoria Danelczyk is a licensed massage therapist, reiki master and co-owner of Healing Harmony Wellness Center, located at 9690 W. Sample Rd., Ste. 204, Coral Springs. For more information, call 954.605.3800 and/or visit