Ocean Therapy Center is excited to offer Quantum Reflex Integration. Few people are aware of the primitive reflexes we are born with for our survival and development of movement, cognition and behavior. They are automatic, involuntary reactions to stimuli, and under normal circumstances, become integrated by the time we are a year old.


There are many reasons these reflexes never fully integrate or become active again, such as trauma, stress or toxins. Some of the symptoms of non-integrated reflexes include ADHD, poor concentration, anxiety, poor balance and coordination, learning difficulties, hearing and visual problems, chronic body aches, poor bladder control, addictions, allergies, disorganization, breathing difficulties, and fatigue. Primitive reflex integration can be easily assessed through a process of a few simple tests that will determine if any of the reflexes are active or have been retained.

Quantum Reflex Integration, developed by Bonnie Brandes, uses acupoints and patterns linked to the primitive reflexes. These points are treated with a low level laser which can repair the neurological connection associated with each reflex. Reflex integration can open the door to many new possibilities and provides hope for both children and adults. Call 954-351-2299 for your free consultation. See ad page 57.