Most Americans get more than enough of the calcium they need from food, so taking a supplement can be unnecessary and even dangerous. What many are not getting are the essential nutrients and other minerals that help calcium in its mission to help build strong bones.

The lifecycle of bones is not dissimilar to those of other types of cells, except that our ability to rebuild strong bones, called bone remodeling, can diminish with age, resulting in bone loss (known as osteopenia) or osteoporosis.

Collagen is the best known building block for healthy bones, and to build collagen, we need: vitamins C, D and K plus folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, boron, manganese, phosphorus, copper and strontium. Further, we need them all in correct proportion to optimize their effectiveness without overloading the system with excess nutrients, which can cause damage. Data culled from 12,000 participants in the 15-year Women’s Health Initiative launched in 1991 and recently re-analyzed at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, for example, shows that [sustained? later in life?] excess calcium can actually cause heart disease and increase the risk of heart attacks.

The solution for maintaining strong bones is to look for a high quality supplement that contains all of the aforementioned ingredients with little or no calcium content.

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