by Tatiana Barrera, Certified Health Coach

The holidays are almost here. This time of year is very taxing on our bodies. We overeat, we drink, we are stressed and sleep deprived. We have to juggle work, family, gift buying, social events, and year-end deadlines. We want to look fabulous, but have no time to take care of ourselves.


Don’t get me wrong; I love this season! So, I am in no way trying to kill the spirit. My goal is quite the opposite. I am going to share with you some of my best secrets for feeling and looking your best through the season to be jolly.

Release toxins from your body. Processed foods, sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages and other things we eat, drink and even put on our skin leave a dense toxic residue in our body. These toxins accumulate over time, turning into excess weight, body odor, cellulite, and skin spots and wrinkles. Here are some tips to help them exit:

Drink plenty of water. This will promote natural elimination of toxins.

Eat raw vegetables. Vegetables are not only rich in fiber which promotes natural elimination, but also alkalizing which promotes balance at a cellular level.

Activate your lymphatic system. Walking and jumping are great exercises for helping promote flow in our lymphatic system. If you don’t have time to walk an hour, here is a great secret: jumping for five to ten minutes will have the same effect!

Exfoliate. Great for helping your body get rid of accumulated toxins; or even massage your skin with a hot towel or sponge.

Go clean. During the holidays, it may get a little tricky to control what you eat and drink because of the many social events of the season. But one thing you can control is what you put on your body. Try to avoid chemicals in body care products. There are several all-natural brands to choose from. Reducing the amount of toxins you put on your skin will allow your body to be better fit to take care of those that are going in your mouth.

Be holiday smart. Learn to understand your body in order to give it what it needs to maintain balance even during these high demand months. Working with a health coach during and after the holidays is the smartest way to have your cake and eat it too, or in this case, enjoy the season and still feel and look fabulous.

Be happy. Most importantly, enjoy the season by nurturing loving, happy feelings. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and enjoy the health benefits of positive feelings and energies.

Happy Holidays!

Tatiana Barrera is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, author and speaker. Her combined background in Industrial Engineering and Holistic Nutrition gives her a unique perspective toward health and balance. She has been internationally recognized and featured on TV, radio and other media channels as an expert in alkaline foods and balanced nutrition. Barrera is the author of *No Milk Please, available in major bookstores and online. She provides her services at the International Holistic Center (IHC). Her health coaching approach is personal and individualized, allowing clients to flourish and reach their goals in an enjoyable and sustainable way. To schedule an appointment, call 954-903-9426.