An Interview with Jeff Primack

Conducted by Publisher Damon Damato

Can you bring a Universal meaning to describe ‘what is Qi?’

Qi is the electric life presence that beats the human heart and charges the air we breathe. Gong, like Gong Fu, is a repeated action to activate higher energy. Qigong generates a powerful magnetic field in the hands, and this energy “dilates arteries”, healing what it touches. The effects of Qi are profound for increasing circulation and improving endocrine imbalances. Science will discover Qi is related to static electricity and can be harnessed with hand postures.

Qi Revolution is coming to Bradenton, Florida, for your National Event, July 28 to 30. What is your higher vision for sharing this kind of healing with a thousand people?

I believe when more human beings develop “Qi Awareness”, human evolution will go higher. We hold our National Event once a year and transform a convention center into sacred space. Our intention is to experience the authentic healing and stress-dissolving practices of Qigong in a strong group energy field. Sound, light and Qi graphics are used to improve learning so everyone can feel what is going on even without any previous experience. It’s rare that one-thousand people all simultaneously inhale at the same second while holding the same healing prayer. Many people who attend heal old injuries and nearly everyone is strengthened by the energy. Our vision for this event is to uplift the group energy to the highest level to benefit all who attend.

Is there significance to practicing Qigong in large groups?

From 1980 to 1999, the Chinese people gathered for Qigong events inside arenas and stadiums in the tens-of-thousands. Dr. Yan Xin led the first wave of Qi awareness with integrity, but other fake masters misused Qigong to protest the government and consequently it was banned in large group settings. Chinese people had discovered the secret of “group energy” and it went beyond the roar of a rock concert or the cheers at a football game. A weekly outing in China for two decades, people viewed it as an opportunity to be strengthened and healed while enjoying fellowship.

The breathwork at the Qi Revolution is transformative. Since every person is connected to it, do you believe the answers to healing and overcoming negative emotions are found here?

Breathing is the most powerful skill humans can learn to attune with the spirit of life. Genesis 2:7 reveals, “God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” After teaching Qigong breathing to groups large and small, I would say there is a connection. People report euphoric vibrational experiences when they do our Breath Empowerment, even if they don’t believe Qi exists. Breathwork is the best Gong Fu; repeated deep breaths will break the veil of darkness and bad thoughts, eventually flooding the body with light energy.

I’ve seen a shift over the past few years where your focus has really zeroed in on food healing, especially in regards to food science. Why do you feel this is so important in today’s world and how does it relate to one’s personal Qi?

Food is the key to excellent health, especially natural foods made before the inventions of man. Kiwi, for example, has helped “reverse asthma” in hundreds of students I’ve counseled. Moreover, the prestigious medical journal Thorax indicates children who ate kiwi three to five times a week vs. those who didn’t eat any had a much lower incidence of asthma.* My theories have science to back them.

You perform a Global Healing Circle that is legendary. How does it connect participants using the 9-Breath Method with an expanded process?

The living electricity felt in the hands of the healing circle is unlike anything else we teach. After everyone is proficient in using the 9-Breath Method—our signature breathing technique—we hold hands while doing it many times. The feeling is like an electric current going through everyone’s legs, arms and hands. It feels so very good—delicious I might say! We focus our mind to God and ask for healing of people we love and send light to noble groups and nations worldwide.

Qi Revolution at $149 for three days is made affordable to open the “Qi Door” for more people. Massage therapists earn 24 CE hours. U.S. veterans attend free; many have become the best Qigong instructors. For more information, call 800-298-8970 and/or visit

*Kiwis Effect on Breathing. Thorax, Respiratory Medicine 2004