by Joanna Rohrback, BHS

After 23 years of obstacles and setbacks, Joanna Rohrback surfaces to share with the world not only a whole new way of moving, but a whole new way of thinking and approaching fitness like nothing before. She compares herself in fitness to what Isadora Duncan was to dance. In addition, she concludes that in order to be really fit we need to consider more than just ourselves; 



we need to also consider the conservation of the environment (as through vegetarianism), and non-violence, through our thought processes and behavior.

Her book, Prancercise®: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence, is a true literary resource well researched and documented, not just propaganda. With a preface from a world renowned doctor, Dr. E. K. Schandl, she’s proud to serve you a recipe for fitness, health, and self-fulfillment!

Prancercise®: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence is published By WingSpan Press and available through a variety of booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. See ad page 56.