As we all continue to move on from the impact of Hurricane Irma, there is one important step in the aftermath clean up: your water filter. When a hurricane or any flooding has impacted your home, it also has impacted your drinking water. Bacteria and viruses compromise your home’s water. This makes the drinking water unsafe to consume, even after it has been processed through a water filter.

All water filters need to be disinfected after a natural disaster like Hurricane Irma, even if you were not under a boil notice for your area. Carbon block filters and reverse osmosis filters (primarily used under kitchen sinks and refrigerators) need to be replaced with new filter cartridges. If you have a whole home multi-media filter, call your local specialist to have it regenerated and disinfected. Well systems need to be checked especially when they have been subject to flooding.
If you have any questions regarding your water filter post-Hurricane Irma or would like to discuss a new water filter for your home, contact Allini Water Filters at 888.451.7333.