Going within, meaning residing inside one’s own mind sans opinions, biases, programs and the like, you discover that any and all outer lack, be it health, finances, wholesome relationships or otherwise, stems from within. Through the willingness to unveil privately one’s own limitations, we become miraculously empowered to rise above.

Knowing what we now know about disease being a state of disharmony, it is important to be unified within—which can be difficult when our very language is based in duality and most people (especially Americans) spend too much time in the brain via thoughts (duality).

There is, among many others, a simple act of decluttering the brain called mushin. Trying to control thought only makes it more difficult as the ego/brain can easily play tricks with its self. To get to higher brain, Higher Self/I Am Presence, whatever you chose to call It, requires the deepest commitment to “letting go” of the fascination with one’s own thoughts (when we identify with and treat thoughts like possessions, we can create extreme polarity and cause unneeded problems). Thoughts are, more than likely, the problem. (Fighting over thoughts is like biting air.)

Letting go of what is already known is the only way to get to higher, deeper and more life-enhancing ground; living in a clear, uncluttered mind, from Heart, opens the door to more advanced communication technology without duality—plugged into the cosmic motor for wholesome guidance every breath of the way.

For more information, go within.