The Path Toward Bliss workshop is about opening the relationship to the Self through the portals of touch, color frequencies, sacred sounds and crystalline geometries in order to turn into a quantum instrument of balance and harmony. You can become your full Light Potential in the Universe. This wellness activation will encourage the Beings that we are to select the conscious upward path on the spiral of life which enables the discovery and understanding of personal individual Truth (Life Purpose).


This activation will facilitate the consciousness of Being as Divine Presence, fertilizing the Inner Womb and the Heart. We are assisted to become the all loving, encompassing director of the joyous symphony of growth in Love and Light. One is opened to be able to share, on the horizontal plane, the energy that emanates, as it is directed towards the hands and fingers.

You will learn the use of simple overtone chanting, healing sounds that activate harmonic frequencies within healer and client simultaneously, that will create a common ground for giving and receiving.

Workshop takes place at Ama Healing Center, April 13, 14 and 20, 10am-5pm. For more information contact 754-234-5424, [email protected], See ad page 27.