Southwestern Red Pepper-Avocado Sandwiches/Wraps

1 jar roasted red peppers (drained and dried with a towel) or freshly made, oven-roasted peppers 2 fork-smashed avocados or 1 large Florida avocado Salsa of choice, preferably smoky chipotle or sweet varieties Chopped cilantro Bread or wraps of choice […]

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Kalamata Olive Hummus-Cucumber Picnic Sandwiches

Pita pocket bread, sourdough or other bread of choice 1 can organic chickpeas/garbanzos with original water drained off just a bit ½ cup organic sesame seeds or 2 Tbsp of  tahini (½ cup organic, raw, unsalted sunflower seeds can be used in a pinch) 1 tsp cold-pressed virgin olive oil (optional) 1 minced garlic clove ½ cup kalamata olives (whole or halved, drained) Conventional or English cucumber, thinly sliced Organic lemon thinly slivered with skin intact […]

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Recalibration Session Offered Via Phone

With the wondrous light activations to raise humanity’s awareness, we are now forced to go inward, stopping all normal/habitual activity. Know that we are safe. Many of us incarnated into this lifetime specifically to shift this world of mind/ego. In a recent meditation, Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay was awakened to new guides calling themselves the Venusians 44 (44 beings of Light, inhabitants of the planet Venus) who have been waiting for humanity to raise its frequency, to purify and surrender in order to enable a telepathic contact. There was a mutual understanding that they work through her on other humans [...]

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by Kathleen Haden Do you feel like the last several months have been a dream? A reset button was pushed and this is what happened. We got much needed time off, we were able to catch up on sleep, and our world began to change in so many ways. Mother Earth had enough and is allowing our planet to get healthy and clean, reminding us we are guests on this planet and we need to treat our earth accordingly. […]

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Yello’s Vegan Café

Yello Creative Arts and Events Center is a dynamic, creative arts facility. Yello features a vegan café offering gourmet, plant-based dishes. Allow their Executive Chef Alan Nippert to introduce you to vegan cuisine that will take your taste buds on a journey they’ll never forget. Everything they make is 100 percent plant-based so grab a plate and get ready to say “Yum!” Yello offers classes in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, belly dance, ballroom and more. The eco-friendly facility offers two dance studios, a common area with online exploration terminals and a retail cooler that offers plant-based foods, desserts and [...]

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Move Well. Eat Well. Be Well.

by Vanessa Shields-Fiore, DC, BCAO, PScD There’s much talk about ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus but not much providing ways to make stronger our own natural defenses…and they are legion. For those who still have this choice, we can strengthen and/or enhance our own immune system. One must have a clear, uninterrupted nervous system as this controls every organ and system in the body, including the immune system and immune organs (bone marrow and thymus gland). Correcting the subluxations or misalignments in the spine removes interference in the nerve system and improves brain-body communication thus adaptability and resilience. [...]

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The Art of Ageless Beauty

At Anti-Aging Center of Boca, they believe in staying ageless. Using a technology that is exclusive to their facility, they eliminate years from body and face while tightening, detoxing and rejuvenating the skin. Procedures are painless with no side-effects or downtime, and results are immediate and permanent. In just one treatment, an average person can lose 2 to 6 inches of fat while getting tighter and more youthful skin, and the center guarantees that if there is not a loss of at least 2 inches, there will be no charge. For a free consultation, call 561-654-0177. For more information, visit [...]

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