by Tara O’Toole-Conn and the soul of Peter D. Conn

I was caring for a mom labeled with Alzheimer’s when I met up with a biofeedback practitioner who recommended this book. We were discussing how we as souls communicate with other than words, which tend to limit meaning and get in the way of accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Fast forward, post-reading book, I use it as a guide to access and commune with loved ones who have transitioned as well as the higher consciousness of my own being which has always been and always will be, as I traverse this Earth plane, learning the Art of Living and the purpose for this embodiment.

Although there is nothing new under the Sun, there is much we have forgotten. As we emerge from this Iron Age, once again, into the Golden Age, this revelatory information is precious in helping us to Re-Member (to come together as members of the human family).

This book is flying into many hands of eager seekers as its time is ripe. Hearty gratitude to Tara and Peter and Sally and Laura and all those involved in bringing this to Light.