by Ronit Gabay

Hindu philosophy explains the evolution of the soul as a “body” which changes its outfits through a process of reincarnation. “Just as the body casts off worn-out clothes and puts on new ones, so the infinite, immortal self casts off worn-out bodies and enters into new ones.” Each lifetime, we carry a different identity which we have chosen to accomplish our purpose. Therefore, our true self is not the temporary “outfit” we were given from birth, but the “body” or the essence of our spirit, that we carry each lifetime. We are not who we are born to be, but rather who we choose to be.

Our life mission is to distinguish ourselves from our birth surroundings in order to learn who we truly are, based on our own choices and actions. The farther we go from “home,” the nearer we get to our true self. One of our purposes here on earth is to search for our own truth.

I like to illustrate it through the image of a puzzle. Each lifetime we learn life lessons, which provide us pieces of information about the true essence of the soul. When we collect all the pieces and “glue” them together, we will have enough information about our authentic self. We will understand our journey and the direction of our life. How can we get in touch with our authentic self?

First and foremost, we must get in touch with our own passion, with our innermost desire that wishes to be heard. Our passion is our tour guide in discovering our life’s mystery. If we follow our bliss, we are following our authentic self.

Second, it is our life lesson (karma) that teaches us about the true essence of the soul. Our challenges and conflicts are indications of our resistance to the norm and to our given reality. For example, if we are born into a very conservative surrounding and our life’s challenges enhance the conflict with this life view, we will gain the understanding of our true essence as a free spirit. By rejecting what we don’t want, we get much closer to who we are.

Every time we go through a challenge, we get one more piece of the puzzle that holds a tiny bit of our own truth. In the end, we have enough puzzle pieces containing clues to figure out our life’s mystery. All we need to do is to connect the pieces to see a much clearer picture of the essence of our soul.

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