Leslie Stewart from Cincinnati was told by Abraham (Esther Hicks) that she would channel. Soon after, Stewart started to channel Orion (similar to Seth and Abraham). These gentle teachers will bring their Being-In-Joy Tour, February 24, to Fort Lauderdale Metaphysical Chapel (www.MetaphysicalChapel.com), 1480 SW 9th Avenue, and February 25, Duncan Conference Center 15820 Military Trail, Delray Beach, 7 p.m.

Orion will discuss the natural universal laws in their new book, Trust and Allow the Process of Life-In-Joy!, followed by questions and answers.


Orion reminds us that we are more than our physical selves, and that we are connected to greater parts of our multidimensional selves that have the potential to create worlds. Like Abraham and Seth, they teach there is only a source of well-being; there is no source of darkness or scarcity, just resisting life and our authentic selves.

When Orion appears they bring not only words of wisdom but also emit peace, gentleness, and so much love that it leaves you feeling a sense of hopefulness and equanimity. They encourage a conscious partnership with our powerful and peaceful internal Godhood and living a story of profound empowerment, creativity in-joy!

For more information, call 513-942-3009, email [email protected] or visitTheOrionChannel.com.