When Chef Michael Panza dreamed of serving clean, healthy, beautifully prepared food to South Floridians at home, he meant business—Farm to Fork Meals, Organic Home Delivery was born!

While food delivery services pop up everywhere, Farm to Fork Meals is truly unique in that it is completely individualized, organic and prepared according to dietary needs and restrictions. When you place your first order, a Farm to Fork Meals Menu Consultant contacts you to discuss any special requests.

You then customize your meal by planning each one from a list of top quality meats, chicken and fish, nutritious and delicious grains and starches and locally sourced organic vegetables, artfully done.

Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Panza prepares lunches ($12.95) Kids Meals ($12.95) and dinners ($24.95). His two years of additional training in Italy makes him keenly aware of the flavor-packed impact of really fresh ingredients and seasonings.

Future plans include a retail location where Chef Panza will sell his signature sauces, protein bars, desserts and more, along with prepared lunches and dinners.

Currently, Chef even prepares tasty school lunches for several clients’ kids suffering from celiac disease!

For more information or to get your organic delivery visit www.FarmToForkMeals.com or, call Chef Panza at 864-497-5992.