Join natural health care practitioner Dr. Sandy Bevacqua in her unprecedented online course to help women recover from bladder issues, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain and organ prolapse in their own homes. The first session in her six-month Pelvic Health Transformation Program begins at 3pm EST on May 9. 


“More than half of all women, including those in their 20s and 30s, have pelvic floor issues,” explains Bevacqua, whose onsite healing practice is in Tucson, Arizona. “Many will take meds or select surgery in seeking relief but often these solutions don’t work. What isn’t so well known is that pelvic floor issues can be successfully addressed using natural methods.”

With a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology, “Dr. Sandy” is known as an expert in nutrition, genetic engineering and human biology. She also had her own healing journey with pelvic damage from the traumatic birth of her son that she healed using entirely natural methods.

The new online program combines lessons learned in both her personal and professional experience to guide women in regaining a completely healthy pelvic floor and organs. Participants receive bimonthly calls and personal support from her and her team of women’s health care specialists plus bonus classes on female sexual health and recovery from childbirth. All calls are recorded and available for replay. 

Meet Dr. Sandy at; register at See ad page 27.